This edition of the Harvest Tribune is the sassiest edition yet…

Granted, we’ve only had one other issue.

In the Spring issue, our theme is community and identity with a touch of humor.  The Tribune team worked together to capture the essence of Harvest’s first Coffee House and what it says about the Harvest Collegiate community. In our features section, we have two essays cheekily interrogating our school’s meeting culture and communication situation. You will find identity-themed poetry in our Literary Magazine section that screams out at the injustices of the world in lyrical stanzas, and short fictions about love, loss and vulnerability.

Before I became editor-in-chief of the Harvest Tribune, I had one conviction which I hold close to my heart till this day: I want this paper to illustrate a wide range of viewpoints and ideas. I want students to come across an article, advice column, or piece of creative literature and feel connected to something they’ve never seen before. I hope you will recognize our school in our spring issue, and that through wit and compassion, our words will reach you to provide some laughs, insights, and consolation.

Esther Ben Ami, Editor-in-Chief

P.S. Please join us at our Spring Issue Launch, Friday June 9th in the Writing Center at 3:30 pm.