Senior Gaby Gomez is one of six Posse nominees at Harvest. The Posse Foundation is a nonprofit that sponsors four-year full tuition scholarships at a number of colleges and universities, where students are partnered with a “posse” of 10 scholarship recipients. In the interview below, she shares part of her experience.

Interview conducted by Ethan Luxor, a Harvest Tribune contributor.

Where are you in your college application?

I am focusing on the Posse processes, I have my second rounds of interview on Sunday, which is a three on one interview to get to know me. I also have to find my best options for the things I want out of Posse, and for a back up I can go upstate for school.

 Is there anything in particular that makes you nervous?

My SAT scores aren’t great and I feel that they will focus on that even though it’s not my strength, I didn’t really want to prepare because it’s just a test, but I still have to take it since it’s  a forced qualification for kids to get through school even though it doesn’t prove how smart kids really are.

What is your plan of action?  

Apply for scholarships in case I don’t get into Posse, and do really well on my college essay, some tips I remember for the college essay are Grab the reader, Tell them a story, and Turn the story to give them a deeper meaning. I am going to build my resume and take on leadership roles for their school, I mean I do a lot of that stuff even though it’s a lot of work, stress and opportunities but I do it because it’s important to build a reputation and challenge yourself.

Do you feel like you can get help if you need it?

Yeah definitely, I can talk to Molly since she does college essay writing as a club after school, or my advisor since they are there for that, and mostly English teachers. I think if anyone doesn’t know what to do you should know that the college application is very long and difficult so you should start now,  just try and put in the effort because it’s worth it in the end. If you still don’t think you should start now try asking friends and family for advice.         

How is Posse different from the regular application?

When it comes to Posse it is very competitive because they only accept around 130 students. There are five rounds of interviews for them and each round is to really get to know the student to decide if they want them. Most schools Posse chooses are like liberal arts private schools. They choose those to diversify the schools. When you go to the school, you get to go with your “posse”, and they do this to give students more opportunities and chances.  

What’s the hardest part about Posse?

It is how competitive it is, because I meet amazing students that apply for it all the time. Since the people at Posse have to get to know me with five interviews instead of just taking a test to get in, getting in truly depends on who you are as a person, which is scary.

Related to the Posse process, is there any pressure you feel that you’d like to share?

There are a couple, like I don’t know if I want to go to this school. Like maybe I might want to to go to SUNY Purchase, the second is that I don’t know if I should go far from home or stay close to New York. I don’t know how much I would thrive in a different community, I love New York but I also want to see California. The next thing is that I have so many interests I don’t know if I should be focusing on Posse’s choices, which are mainly science, technology, and math or if I’m better off focusing on theater and directing, which is at Purchase.