By Alejandro Clemente

Omar Camps-Kamrin, a Harvest graduate and a junior at Swarthmore College, reminisces fondly on his lunch periods at Harvest.

“I remember spending lunch periods with Paul, and having him explain stuff we hadn’t learned yet in cool and interesting ways,” he says. As he speaks, Camps-Kamrin has genuine excitement and love in his voice. A graduate of Harvest Collegiate High School, Camps-Kamrin is an active alumni in the Harvest community. He returns to Harvest Collegiate to visit friends who still attend, and he also participates in its alumni events.

Camps-Kamrin believes that through his Harvest experience, he was able to create long lasting friendships with other students. Camps-Kamrin still talks to his friends at Harvest, and friends from other graduating classes. Lucas Brooks, his best friend from Harvest, also attends Swarthmore and they are both music majors. Camps-Kamrin says, “I guess we kind of followed each other unintentionally.”

As well as student relationships, Camps-Kamrin has strong relationships with his former teachers. He believes that Harvest fosters an amazing student-teacher relationship, which is what enabled him to grow close to his teachers. Even teachers he didn’t know as well Camps-Kamrin claims to have a good standing with. “Once I graduated, Paul and I would play Words with Friends, and although he usually won, it was still fun to stay in contact with him.”

To Camps-Kamrin, he looks back at his time at Harvest very fondly. Even though he’s a junior in college, Camps-Kamrin is still reaping the benefits from his time at Harvest. “It becomes really important, even in college to have a good relationship with your professors, and I feel like Harvest gave me a taste of that, and prepared me for that aspect of college.” Some of Camps-Kamrin’s college classes, are only beginning to cover things that he had already learned in Harvest. One example he gave was an intro to writing class, where Camps-Kamrin realized that almost everything that they were teaching him, Harvest had already taught him.

For Camps-Kamrin, Harvest is his home. He believes he will always be part of the community. “I believe wholeheartedly that I am a Harvester for life.” Camps-Kamrin loves Harvest, and is extremely grateful to have gone there for his high school years. “I never really thought of it as a choice, it was really just who I am.”

Photo Credit: “Omar Camps-Kamrin Headshot”, by Gustavo Camps